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Hemp seed oil is rich in essential Omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients with established health benefits for all age groups and skin types. In fact, hemp seed oils are beneficial for expecting mothers and babies as well.

Hemp seed oil is considered an effective and wonderful supplement for expecting mothers to include in their diet or apply on their skin.

Pregnancy can take a toll on mother's health and deplete body nutrients. In this case, expecting mothers need extra care to supplement and replenish the nutrition of their body. Hemp seed oil is their perfect partner in this journey of motherhood.

- The essential fatty acids of Hemp Seed Oil support skin regeneration, counter itchy flare-ups, and nourish the skin keeping it well hydrated and soft. Even when applied topically, hemp seed oil is completely absorbed by the skin and its goodness seeps in to benefit the skin and organs.

- Hemp seed oil can also be included in the diet by sprinkling it on salads, sandwiches, parathas and many more. (Recipe ideas here).

Hemp seed oil may also help prevent maternal depression.

- Rich in iron, hemp seed oil can also help avert any iron deficiency (anemia) during fetal development

- Proteins in hemp seed oil support the growth of fetal tissue, brain tissue, increasing blood supply and strengthening the breast tissues of the expecting mother

- Maintains heart health of expecting mothers as it is rich in magnesium, essential fatty acids and supports active transportation of nutrition across the cell membrane

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Studies also prove that hemp seed oil is not only safe but also recommended for babies.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) present in

hemp seed oil is beneficial for brain development and strength of retina, especially when babies are under a year old.

Giving babies gentle massage with hemp seed oil can aid in their development in these crucial months. Hemp seed oil is also a natural source of iron, zinc, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, calcium and magnesium, making it a one stop solution for all needs of the baby.

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Doctor advisory is recommended for consumption of hemp seed oil, to ensure compatibility with medicines


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